Gather brings together groups of professionals to live

and work remotely on beautiful Kibbutzim across Israel

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How Does it Work?

Keep Calm & Gather Round

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and become a temporary citizen of the Kibbutz - a cooperative Israeli farming community. 

Spend 10 days with a group of inspiring professionals from around the world, as you live and work remotely on a beautiful Kibbutz in Israel.

Travel, experience, connect and keep your day job - we'll take care of the rest.


What's Included?

The Whole Shabang

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and accomodation for digital nomads


Get back to basics, live in a simple, furnished room on the Kibbutz

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and facilities for digital nomads


Get access to the Kibbutz grocery store, tennis courts, laundry service and pub

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and community of digital nomads


Live, work and play with a group of inspiring professionals, make friends for a lifetime

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and co-working for digital nomads

Office Space

Work from a shared office on the Kibbutz, equipped with everything you need to get productive

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and inspiration for digital nomads


Meet Israel’s leading innovators, changemakers and artists, and widen your horizons

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and volunteer opportunities for digital nomads

Volunteer Opportunities

Wake up early and start your day in the Kibbutz fields, or join a group impact day

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and communal kitchen for digital nomads


Grab lunch in the Kibbutz mess hall, or get cooking in the communal kitchen

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and wellness for digital nomads


Go hiking in the Galilee mountains, or practice yoga on the Jordan River

Gather - Kibbutz co-living and accomodation for digital nomads


Our dedicated Community Leader will be there for you throughout your entire stay

Facilities and activities vary from one Kibbutz to the other. Let's talk and find the Kibbutz that's right for you.


Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh

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