Wait, what is a Kibbutz?

The Kibbutz (lit. "gathering, clustering"; regular plural kibbutzim) is a unique Israeli creation – a rural settlement, characterized by its collective and cooperative community lifestyle, democratic management, responsibility for the welfare of its members, and shared ownership of its means of production and consumption.

When the first Kibbutz was established on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in 1910 the idea was both practical – growing crops in a harsh climate required collective action – and utopian. Today over 120,000 people live on 270 Kibbutzim across Israel.

While many Kibbutzim have gone through economic and social transformations throughout the years, the unique atmosphere, scenic surroundings, and communal facilities still exist.

So what does Gather do?

Technology is blurring the boundaries between work and personal life. Remote jobs are giving professionals the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, yet with great freedom comes an even greater need to connect, to belong, to find meaning.

These same needs motivated the Kibbutz pioneers over 100 years ago, as they set out to build cooperative communities in rural parts of Israel.

Gather is reigniting the Kibbutz spirit by bringing together groups of digital nomads from around the world to live, work remotely and volunteer on beautiful Kibbutzim across Israel.

How did you come up with this amazing idea?

Kibbutzim have been drawing curious and adventurous people for decades.

The Kibbutz volunteering phenomenon began in the mid-1960s when a young generation of Baby Boomers from North America and Europe became curious about collective Kibbutz life and eager to experience it first-hand. During the peak years, over 300,000 volunteers including Jerry Seinfeld, Bernie Sanders and Annie Leibovitz arrived in Israel and worked in hundreds of different kibbutzim.

So, we’re not reinventing the wheel, just offering a new approach for the age of WiFi and remote work – live and volunteer on a Kibbutz while keeping your day job.

What Kibbutz will I live on?

We're currently accepting applications for our first retreat of 2022 which will take place in Kibbutz Kfar Blum between Febraury 13-23rd.

Who will I Gather with?

Curious and adventurous freelancers, remote employees, digital nomads and entrepreneurs from around the world.

What does Gather provide?

We provide everything you need for a productive and inspiring Kibbutz experience – accommodation, office space, group dinners, access to Kibbutz facilities and beautiful nature, community events, volunteer opportunities and more!

Kibbutz life is simple and down to earth so personal expenses can be kept to a minimum during your stay.

Take my money, where do I sign up?

Your journey starts here.

Will I need to volunteer on the Kibbutz?

The short answer is no :)

The long answer is that we want participants to take initiative and shape their own Kibbutz experience. So, if you've always dreamed of working in a vineyard, developing your woodworking skills, or becoming a shepherd for a day, we’ll work together with the Kibbutz you’re staying on and find a way to make it happen.

The idea behind these voluntary experiences is to allow participants to incorporate some physical hands-on work into their schedule, and try out a more balanced lifestyle.

The Kibbutz is full of unique volunteer opportunities, and we want to help create these win-win collaborations that benefit Gather participants as well as the local community.

Will I need to work according to the local time zone?

Naturally, life on the Kibbutz is conducted according to the local time zone.

However, we know that remote work is all about flexibility and adaptivity, and therefore encourage participants to work when they’re most productive and plan their days according to their personal priorities.

Participants come from all over the world, so you can expect to always find someone who is in sync with your schedule.