Dear Camper,

A year ago we launched Gather - a program that brings together professionals from around the world to live and work remotely on Kibbutzim across Israel.

And then travel came to a stop. But we realized that while the borders are closed, our beautiful country is still open. And while there is plenty of uncertainty in the air, remote work has become the new norm.

So, we decided to reinvent ourselves just in time for summer and create a program that is more affordable and more suitable for this new world.


Meet Gather Summer Camp - a 5-day, camp-themed, remote work retreat in the Negev Desert! 


The rooms are basic, the food is simple and the people are down-to-earth because sometimes that's all you need. We'll hang out in the Kibbutz swimming pool, go stargazing, cook together, and also get some work done. Just bring your laptop and sunscreen.



Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh

The Details

Gather Summer Camp will take place in Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh between July



The price is 1,200 NIS per person and includes everything you need:

  • Accommodation in a big 2-person room with private bathroom and kitchenette

  • Groceries, including local wine and vegetables, for fresh and healthy group meals 

  • Office space with coffee and wifi so you can get work done 

  • Access to Kibbutz pub, grocery store, and dining room

  • The (millennial) camp experience - sunrise meditation in the desert, cocktails by the swimming pool, jam sessions, bonfire and stargazing night, and more :)

Ready to book your spot?